Khadija Rashid,MD

Board Certified in Neurology and
Sleep Medicine

Saqib Rashid,MD

Board Certified in Sleep Medicine,Critical Care Medicine,Pulmonary Disease,and Internal Medicine

While we take care of everything our patients do the rest.

Comprehensive Sleep Diagnostics offers monitoring and evaluation services for patients suffering from a wide variety of sleep disorders. With around-the-clock audio and video observation Stop Snoring with The Sleep Labcapabilities and a state-of-the-art monitoring station,our highly trained technicians record all aspects of the sleep cycle while our patients rest comfortably in an adjacent suite.

Where High Tech Meets High Class

Located in a quiet,safe area of Clovis,our Sleep Lab offers a tranquil environment designed with patient comfort in mind. Our brand new facility is home to three spacious diagnostic bedrooms that look and feel more like upscale hotel rooms than a doctor’s office.